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#32 - AFF 7: some lusty northwesters
06.15.06 @ 3:50 pm

cross-post from Adult Friend Finder #7

Twice we met them for movies, conversation, and a meal. Twice we were very at ease and impressed with such intelligent people whom we had so much in common with. So when we had to cut our 2nd "date" short but were invited over for an evening of massages at their place for next time, we were both very pleased to say the least.

At their apartment, the touch-whore in me was barely contained when Ms. Lusty offered her services. And I have to say, when this offer is presented, just shut up, get naked, lay down, and prepare to melt. :) She took her time, was very aware of my limits for pressure, and left almost no part of me untouched. When my turn was over and I joined Mr. Lusty on the couch to watch E have his turn, I was so relaxed and warm and comfortable, I could have fallen asleep. Except that I was almost naked, in another man's arms, and he was expertly massaging away the last bits of an earlier headache.

Eventually everyone was naked and turned on, with E and Ms. Lusty laying out on the floor together on some rugs, while Mr. Lusty and I shared our first kiss. That kiss lasted quite awhile, really a series of small kisses that led to me finding myself on my back with his head between my legs. He seemed very pleased to be down there, as I laid back and completely zoned out, aware of nothing but that amazing tongue. Finally, a bit of my senses came back to me, and we did some shifting so I could grab his cock and show him just how turned on he was making me. Now it was my turn to be pleased, luxuriating in the feel of him getting harder in my hands, making my cunt wetter and wetter with his mouth, and his groans reverberating through my bones.

Much quieter was Ms. Lusty, on her back on the rugs, being ravished by my husband's tongue, hands, and eventually an assortment of toys. During a break for water and the production of these toys, I took my chance to watch more closely. I told her she was beautiful and whispered if I could touch her. Previously informed that Ms. L is straight with a few bi-curious fantasies, I wanted to make double-sure before I interrupted her bliss with something unwanted.

My attention was well received, as I made sure to kiss her belly, lick her belly button, bite her gently on her hips and ribs, and finally worship those perfect breasts. She touched me back, and let me kiss her as only women kiss - so slow and gentle, as if you could slow down time to match the way you carefully draw out each tender stroke of the tongue.

Soon Mr. Lusty was behind me with a vibrator and his cock, and everything else just fell away as the world centered down to merely my cunt. We had much fun playing with that bullet, his cock, my cunt, our hands, and occassionally my mouth. :)

Time flies when you're having so much fun that you're pretty sure the neighbors have just heard everything, and we soon discovered it was way past our bedtime on a school night. *pout*

Oh well, there's always next time. E and I are really hoping it involves a hot tub. *insert evil, lascivious grin of pure mischief here*

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